Dr. Linzey and the BrainMatterZ program has helped thousands of students to optimize brain function and improve cognitive skills. When learning becomes easy, your child becomes empowered. This sets up a foundation for a lifetime of success!

Through pre-testing (baseline) and post-testing the BrainMatterZ program measures the progress and success of the student. Though many students experience  much higher gains, the average increases are listed to the right:

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Working Memory

After applying exclusion criteria, 47 students, ranging in age from 8-12, were randomly assigned to an intervention group or a control group. The intervention group consisted of 22 students, while the control group was comprised of 25 students. 


Processing Speed

A myriad of studies have demonstrated the link between the adequacy of children’s visual selective/spatial attention and the acquisition and efficiency of reading.1,2 These studies have elucidated the importance of visual processing speed on a child’s reading ability and call into question the extent to which these abilities can be modified and/or improved. This study aims to evaluate the utility of visual selective and spatial attention activities in improving visual processing speeds in elementary school children.