BrainMatterZ offers a variety of services that help you to take charge of your family’s brain health.  These services allow you to enhance brain function in students and preserve mental function in adults.

BrainMatterZ and Dr. Tere Linzey can provide easy-to-understand answers about how you can enhance your child's brain or yours.  Schedule a consultation to discuss a variety of services offered based on the needs of you or your child.

Psycho-Educational Assessments

We provide a full-battery of “best practice” assessments based on your child’s specific needs. The following areas need to be a part of this battery: social-emotion, cognitive academic, fine motor, memory and speech (toddlers).

In today’s fast paced, high achieving world, measuring and maintenance are important pieces to the performance puzzle. You measure your blood pressure, your heart rate and cholesterol levels when seeing your physician. You take your car in and measure the tire pressure and the oil. In your business you measure profits and loss. To keep your lives in good standing, you have to measure so why would you leave it to “chance” when it comes to your child’s brain? Since I.Q. testing is now just a baseline for intelligence, it is important to know what is already great and what needs to be further developed. When you as a parent understand how your child’s brain processes, you can make informed decisions about your child’s education.

Who should be testing your child?