The BrainMatterZ program consist of the following training below

Executive Functioning Skills: Fluid intelligence, powered by frontal lobe; it is an umbrella term for managing oneself and one’s resources.

Cognitive Skills Training: A cognitive assessment is required to participate in the BrainMatterZ program.  

  • BrainLab Camps available at Stanford University and UCLA

  • BrainLabs October 2019 Mumbai, India - Contact Us Here


Approved Clinical Trials

Dr. Linzey and the BrainMatterZ program has helped thousands of students to optimize brain function and improve cognitive skills. When learning becomes easy, your child becomes empowered. This sets up a foundation for a lifetime of success!

Through pre-testing (baseline) and post-testing the BrainMatterZ program measures the progress and success of the student. Though many students experience  much higher gains, the average increases are listed.


“Dr Tere Linzey’s program “Brain Matters” helped my son go from smart to brilliant. During exams or stressful times, my son’s anxiety would kick in and he wouldn’t digest all the directions to the exam correctly or miss a part of a math word problem, etc. so he’d get good grades but not exceptional. After learning Dr Linzey’s technique, my son now gets outstanding grades in every academic class,… plus an additional bonus from “BrainMatterZ:” he scored in the 98% on his ACT college entrance exam. It’s now my daughter’s turn to go through Dr Linzey’s program and reap the rewards.”