BrainMatterZ has several research- based programs specifically designed to optimize brain functions and
enhance brain fitness at any age.


Executive Functioning Skills: Fluid intelligence, powered by frontal lobe; it is an umbrella term for managing oneself and one’s resources.

  1. Inhibition - The ability to stop one’s own behavior at the appropriate time. The flip side is impulsivity.
  2. Shift - The ability to move freely from one situation to another- flexibility.
  3. Emotional Control - The ability to self-regulate rationally.
  4. Initiation -The ability to begin a task or activity independently.
  5. Working Memory - The ability to hold information for purpose of completing a task.
  6. Planning/Organizing - The ability to manage current and future task demands.
  7. Organization of Materials - The ability to impose order on work play, or storage spaces.
  8. Self-Monitoring - The ability to monitor one’s own performance and to measure against a standard.

The executive function program specifically trains the following: