As a Licensed Educational Psychologist with a Neuropsychologist Certification and an additional three masters degrees, Dr. Linzey went on to research brain potential and cognition at a number of top universities including Harvard and UC Berkeley. She has been in education for 30 plus years but it was during her time at UC Berkeley that she became fascinated with brain science discoveries and the ability to reshape and alter cognitive function. Based on extensive research Dr. Linzey developed her own comprehensive program designed to optimize brain function.Dr. Linzey serves as the Educational Psychologist for Cate School in Santa Barbara and maintains a successful private practice in Carmel and Laguna Beach. She is considered the premier cognitive skills expert as a result of her success rate and innovative programs. 

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Measuring UP

Dr Linzey's book Measuring UP has been released and can be purchased at Dr. Linzey’s book has been updated with clinical trials.