What we repeatedly experience, feel, think, sense and do sculpts, alters, and reorganizes the brain. In other words, what we “practice” is what we hardwire! Optimization is simply the process of challenging the brain to develop optimal fundamental skills that are necessary for learning.

Nothing has to be wrong in order for you or your child to benefit from brain retraining and enhanced brain health. Brain optimization is a gift that you can give to your child or to yourself.




Dr Tere Linzey’s program “Brain Matters” helped my son go from smart to brilliant. During exams or stressful times, my son’s anxiety would kick in and he wouldn’t digest all the directions to the exam correctly or miss a part of a math word problem, etc. so he’d get good grades but not exceptional. After learning Dr Linzey’s technique, my son now gets outstanding grades in every academic class,… plus an additional bonus from “BrainMatterZ:” he scored in the 98% on his ACT college entrance exam. It's now my daughter's turn to go through Dr Linzey's program and reap the rewards.

–Cate Parent

"After years of unsuccessful tutoring and two detailed assessments, I was told that my child had an amazing auditory system because he was compensating for his lack of visual memory and perception.  Dr. Linzey's program not only restored his visual memory and perception, suddenly his writing and spelling improved and he could focus for long periods of time. Reading speed and fluency were suddenly at grade level. She changed his entire ability to learn...I can't recommend it enough! "

—Parent of student from Carmel River School 

"My daughter, Kate worked with Dr. Tere Linzey during a 2 year period of time for overall cognitive strengthening.  Despite Kate's high IQ, she had been diagnosed with a serious visual processing issue which impaired her ability to reach her potential in a challenging academic environment especially in the realm of reading and reading comprehension.  After two intensive sessions over a 2 year span, working one on one with Dr. Linzey, Kate's standardized test scores skyrocketed.  Dr. Linzey's approach toward overcoming learning challenges is to fire up the brain with a rapid and instant feedback teaching technique focused on improving visual processing, auditory processing and working memory.  Kate's 8th grade ACT plan estimated her final high school composite score to be between 17 and 20.  Her  reading section was scored at 14 which was in the 56 percentile compared to 8th grade students across the United States. After working with Dr. Linzey, Kate scored a 31 as her composite ACT score  in her junior year in high school, and scored a 35 out of 36 in the critical reading section of the ACT which is in the 99 percentile in the United States.  Dr. Linzey's approach towards awakening dormant or slow to develop parts of the brain is highly effective for motivated children who feel any form of frustration in school and have the desire and drive to reach their potential."

– Parent from Stevenson School, Pebble Beach, CA

My daughter has been wearing bifocals, correcting myopia, hyperopia and an astigmatism since she was two years old. Because of these visual challenges, her visual processing centers have been under-developed making everything from catching a ball to reading and written test taking difficult. She lacked the focus to work independently and would become fidgety after reading 4-6 pages in a book.

After working with Dr. Linzey for 31 hours, I have seen marked improvements in my daughter's confidence, ability to focus and work independently, read and take tests. For the first time in her life, at age 13, she has started and finished several age appropriate novels. Where she previously earned D's on tests, she now earns mostly A's and B's. Working with Dr. Linzey has changed my daughter's life - and mine.

–Waldorf School Parent

"My daughter is a hard-working, serious, high school student but had to work harder than most of her peers to earn good grades.  We always knew she was extremely smart but schoolwork seemed to be increasingly more laborious for her and she needed to take more time to complete her homework compared to others in her grade.  We knew she needed help but were unsure of what kind of help she needed. After deciding to do an assessment and cognitive skills work with Dr. Linzey our daughter reduced her test anxiety and spent less time on homework. She earned straight A's her last quarter and raised her SAT scores 200 points. She is happier than she has ever been and got into the college of her first choice.  We are grateful to Dr. Linzey and her cognitive skills program which has added so much to our daughter's self-esteem and preparedness for college. "

—Parent of student from Cate School 

"Dr. Linzey, I want you to know that you change student's lives!"

—Parent of student from Stevenson School

"Our son, who attended Stevenson School in Pebble Beach, was a client of Dr. Tere Linzey. During his time with her, his SAT scores improved over 200 points in both Critical Reading and Writing. In both of these areas, he had great trouble but after his time with Dr. Linzey, his understanding of the material , as well as his confidence, greatly improved!"

–Parent from Stevenson School, Pebble Beach, CA

"My daughter had difficulty with auditory processing and reading comprehension. We tried everything before finding out about Dr. Linzey. Our daughter loved the training activities and we still take her back for a booster each summer.  She is excelling and enjoying learning and that is all a parent could ask for!"

–Parent from Mountain View, CA