BrainMatterZ offers a variety of services that help you to take charge of your family’s brain health.  These services allow you to enhance brain function in students and preserve mental function in adults.

BrainMatterZ and Dr. Tere Linzey can provide easy-to-understand answers about how you can enhance your child's brain or yours.  Schedule a consultation to discuss a variety of services offered based on the needs of you or your child.



Medical science has come a long way in its ability to recognize and treat ADD and ADHD.  A best practice evaluation will include the following:

  • Interview with student and the parent
  • Use of diagnostic tools to determine characteristics across environments (in the classroom as well as the home environment)
  • Standardized behavior rating scales
  • Review of health and developmental history
  • Evaluate learning deficits, if any
  • Review grades, school attendance, school progress, hearing and vision, peer and sibling relations, 
  • Use of DSM-V criteria